Hello, I’m Gary.  I’m a Freelance Writer, Activist, Thinker & Creative Ninja.

This WEBSITE is an introduction to my thoughts, creativity, ideas, ambitions & insights.

Gary, Hippie Days

I’m addressing three particular themes in Writing.  Here. Number One is “Consciousness”.  That has to do with our relationship with SELF. Deeper ‘self’ than Mind, Logic, Programming or Ego.  Number Two is Health & Healing. This is along the lines of “Holism” (meaning we are the sum of our whole, not orphaned parts). Number Three is Activism.  This has to do with Questioning and Pushing Back against the Narratives being asserted by an Elitist Class that is doing Naughty things to the World and People.  (Fun, eh?)


Topic #1 = Consciousness

Topic #2 = Holistic Health


Topic #3 = Activism

Gary Bandzmer

More to Follow Soon.  Until that time, dig in and enjoy every day and every ounce of this spectacular existence that is uniquely and splendidly all yours.

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